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Alumni-Helsinki España was created to serve our former students, discovering and transmitting knowledge at the highest intellectual, professional and personal level; preparing outstanding professionals who serve the community where they work, with citizen responsibility and initiative; and contributing to guide the society towards more just and harmonious configurations.

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Our Alumni

Francisco Vicencio

Francisco Vicencio

2016 REACT alumni

“It was such a great opportunity. The course has high-level rapporteurs with a lot of experience in the field. I particularly remember the gender approach, which was especially useful for me due to the subsequent issues in my country, Chile. If I could go back in time, I would undoubtedly do it again.”
Laura Liberatore

Laura Liberatore

Participant of the Project ‘Youth to Youth’

“Being part of ‘Youth to Youth’ is venturing oneself to learn daring to teach. It is to guide and be guided by and through the path of human rights, to understand how fragile but essential this reality is. To be part of this project is also to discover that it is not us, university students, but them, the smallest ones, who are the greatest, encouraging us to humanize an increasingly dehumanized world.”
Daniel Martínez

Daniel Martínez

Participant of the Project ‘Mentoring and Social Collaboration’

“There are few projects today that allow young university students to connect with experts from their field, guiding them for employment and bringing them closer to a world based on social collaboration. A project where the word ‘mentor’ takes on all its meaning: A person with extensive experience and knowledge of your domain, who informs, advises, guides and cares about you. Do not miss this opportunity.”

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