Our Team

Helsinki España-Dimensión Humana is a human rights organization, whose main goal is to promote the respect and protection of human rights through education, mainly at a university level. To achieve this, we have a team made up of highly qualified and deeply committed people, whose efforts make possible the daily management of the organization.

Ana María Nieto Centeno

Lawyer. President

María Jaén Barandiarán

Secretary-General. Institutional Relations Director. Business Administration

Angela Suárez Jaimes

Project Director. Bachelor Degree in International Relations. Mater Program in Governance and Human Rights

Marina De Orbe Anton- Pacheco

Bachelor Degree in Law, Political Science and Public Administration

Our staff of volunteeers

The humanitarian work performed by Helsinki España would not be possible without the work carried out by our large team of volunteers. We have volunteers from different academic fields who have gathered together by the determination to protect human rights, making possible a better management of the organization and creating a positive synergy that makes the achievement of our objectives easier.

Helena Alarcón Tato

Doble Grado en Historia y Ciencia Política y Gestión Pública. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Andrea Maria Angel Prieto

Grado en Relaciones Internacionales, Universidad Nebrija

Samuel Oliva Muñoz.

Grado en Relaciones Internacionales. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Nereida Pérez Gómez

4° Relaciones Internacionales

Alicia Pérez Jiménez

Grado en Relaciones Internacionales

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