The Environmental Education Center (CEA) Carabineros de l’Alfàs del Pi will host from May 27 to June 22 the twenty-eighth edition of REACT, a five-week training program on peace processes and conflict prevention, organized by the association Helsinki Spain.

he mayor of l’Alfàs del Pi, Vicente Arques, has received at City Hall the president of Helsinki Spain, María Jaén Barandiarán, to learn the details of this training program for the fourth consecutive year will be held in l’Alfàs del Pi. A meeting which was also attended by the councilors of Cooperation and Volunteering, Isabel Muñoz, and International Residents, Martine Mertens, and the mayor of Culture, Manuel Casado.

This program trains professionals from different fields interested in improving their knowledge in conflict prevention, crisis and post-conflict management, rehabilitation and development, as well as their practical skills for field work in international peace operations.

The program uses a variety of methodologies, including presentations and lectures, discussions, group work, practical and advanced role-playing sessions, outdoor activities and simulation exercises.




REACT was created in 2003 with the objective of preparing professionals with diverse professional backgrounds interested in joining the Rapid Expert Assistance and Co-operation Teams (REACT) of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). During this time, more than 500 people have been trained.

The course content has been expanded to include all aspects related to conflict prevention and peacekeeping in the different contexts in which peace operations take place.

The program is divided into five modules: ‘Conflict Analysis’, ‘Protection of Civilians’, ‘Challenges in Peacekeeping’, ‘Human Security and Complex Crimes’ and ‘HEAT’, which includes simulations to learn how to deal with associated risks and other critical or emergency situations during mission deployment. As in the three previous editions, the first four modules will be held in l’Alfàs del Pi.

Created in 1992, Helsinki Spain is a leading organization in the field of peace education, human rights and development, both nationally and internationally, thanks to the quality and diversification of its educational and training programs capable of adapting to a dynamic society in continuous change.



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