to Sustaining Peace

Curso Mantenimiento de la Paz Helsinki España 23-24

In a world of proliferating conflicts, sustaining peace has become a complex task which demands of a comprehensive approach including political process; safety and security; rule of law and human rights; social services; core government functions and economic revitalization and livelihoods.

This one-week course will focus in exploring the activities related to the political and safety and security process (including elections; inclusive dialogue; reconciliation; and conflict management capacity at national and subnational levels; mine action; disarmament, demobilization and reintegration; and security sector reform) and the role played by different international and regional organizations such as NATO, OSCE, AU.

Acknowledging that conflicts are not lineal process, the participants will learn the role of humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding actors to conduct activities with a triple nexus approach before, during and after conflict and will get familiarized with the UN policies sustaining peace (eg. Our Common Agenda; Action for Peacekeeping etc.)


MODULE III - Curso Mantenimiento de la Paz - Helsinki España-23-24

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