Global Networks

Helsinki España is participates in different forums and networks in the framework of the promotion of associationism and the promotion and defence of human rights.
1. University Network

In 1992, Helsinki España created the “University Network”, a network of universities currently comprising 140 institutions in 53 countries around the world.  The University Network was recognized by the OSCE on 4 February 1993, when it approved this international inter-university project at the Prague Ministerial Meeting. This Network led to the incorporation of university action in the defence of the Human Dimension in the OSCE framework.

The universities belonging to this Network contribute to promoting the study of human rights in the university environment, and participate regularly in the activities of the organization.

Universities part of the University Network (ver listado).

2. United Nations Global Compact

The Global Compact is the world’s largest institutional and corporate sustainability initiative. Its members work to align their strategies and operations with the universal principles of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Helsinki España was one of the first Spanish organizations to join the Global Compact in 2002. Since then, it has worked towards the fulfilment of its 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption. Since 2015 Helsinki España has supported the efforts of the Global Compact to promote the 2030 Agenda and the fulfilment of its Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Platform of Volunteer Organizations of the Community of Madrid, FEVOCAM

FEVOCAM is the Platform of Volunteer Organizations of the Community of Madrid, a network of NGOs that defend and promote volunteerism and citizen participation in the region.

Helsinki España is part of FEVOCAM since 2019 and actively collaborates with its activities.

4. International Cooperation Alliance for Youth of the International Youth Organization (OIJ)

The International Cooperation Alliance for Youth is an instrument, promoted by OIJ, through which all actors – governments, international organizations, civil society organizations, academia and the private sector – coordinate efforts and resources, complement actions and extend impacts in favor of youth development.

Helsinki España is committed to the development and participation of young people as protagonists and responsible agents in the construction of future societies.

5. RedUNES, Latin American Network of Universities for Social Entrepreneurship

The Latin American Network of Universities for Social Entrepreneurship works to promote, strengthen and share an entrepreneurial culture that contributes to the construction of more just and equitable societies.

As a member of this Network, Helsinki España supports youth social entrepreneurship through training and youth empowerment programmes. It uses a mentors network who support young people on a voluntary basis.

6. International Association of Universities (IAU)

The International Association of Universities is the worldwide association of higher education institutions based at UNESCO. It brings together higher education institutions and organizations from 120 countries for reflection and action on common concerns and collaborates with various international, regional and national bodies working in higher education.

Helsinki España works mainly within the university framework and contributes to the mission of the IAU through the value of excellence in its educational projects.

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