The Executive Council of Helsinki España is composed of seven members, who carry out their duties as volunteers of the organization, except for its General Secretary who, in addition to her voluntary work as a member of the Council, works as part of the organization’s technical team.

The principal responsibility of the Executive Council is to guarantee the transparency and quality of the actions undertaken by the organization’s technical team. It advises and guides the actions, policies, and strategic alignments of the institution.

Helsinki España is supported by an Advisory Council that provides advisory services to the Executive Council. It is made up of a multidisciplinary group of people with very specific professional profiles, who voluntarily participate in the design and execution of the organization’s activities.

Executive Council

María Jaén Barandiarán. Presidenta Helsinki España

María Jaén Barandiarán

President. Business Administration

Angela Suárez Jaimes Directora de Proyectos Helsinki España

Ángela Suárez Jaimes

General Secretary. Internationalist

Ana Mª Nieto Centeno

Vice-president. Lawyer

Silvia Escobar Moreno

Vice-president. Ambassador

Ana Urgoiti Arístegui

Member. International Humanitarian Law

Román Lopez-Cortijo

Member. Engineer. Businessman. Univeristy Professor

Adam Dubin

Member. University Professor

Carmen Quesada Alcalá

Member. University Professor

Advisory Committee

Celia Garrido Benito. Expert in Gender Violence and Equality Officer.

Antonio Carlos Herrera Carrera. Expert in Peace and International Security.

Carmen Jordá Sanz. Doctor in Law. Cybersecurity Specialist.

Amador Guallar Perez. Journalist and writer specialized in armed conflicts.

Raquel González Martinez. Health psychology.

Daniela Marelli: Peace Missions Expert.

Edgardo Buscaglia: Senior Scholar in Law and Economics at Columbia University, Expert in Terrorism, Organized Crime and Financial Network.

Raul Martinez Fazzalari: Lawyer, Computer Law Expert.


María Lopez Echevarría: Lawyer, Peace Missions and Humanitarian Aid Specialist.

Frank Babinger: Sustainability Expert.

Pilar Méndez de Vigo Löwesntein. Lawyer. Expert on Humanitarian Aid.

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