A Youth Europe

Helsinki España holds human rights education seminars where young people from all over the world come together around specific themes and where, in addition to academic exchange, understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations are fostered.

We also conduct awareness-raising sessions on different topics of human rights that are organized regularly in collaboration with international experts.

The objective of this day is to offer a dynamic and current training on issues directly related to the European Union to Spanish university students through the organization of an urban gymkhana with the cooperation of the main European institutions operating in the city of Madrid.

Helsinki España on this occasion aims to achieve:

  • Encourage interest in European issues among young university students who do not have much knowledge about aspects of the European Union due to their degrees or diplomas.
  • To raise awareness about the importance of the integration process, especially about the advantages and progress achieved in Security and Human Rights areas since Spain joined European Union.
  • To motivate university students to participate in the construction of Europe and to strengthen the concept of European citizenship in spite of the challenges faced  as a consequence of the exit of the United Kingdom.
  • To make use of dynamic pedagogical materials developed by other projects under the framework of the initiative “Let’s talk about Europe” and Jean Monnet Chairs Learn Europe, among others.
  • To promote educational exchange among young people through active learning that instills values of tolerance and teamwork.
  • To foster youth volunteering, involving other young people in the planning of this activity, giving continuity to future initiatives of social interest linked to the European Union.
  • To create synergies among social agents, including both public and private institutions and student associations; that share an interest in the EU and human rights.
  • To make European actions visible and closer to Spanish civil society.


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