Practical training: International grant and bid management

Curso Gestión de licitaciones y subvenciones internacionales - Helsinki España

General Information 

Bids and grants from the EU and Multilateral Development Organizations (MDBs), such as the UN or the World Bank, are in the midst of managing the largest aid package in their history. The Training Course on Bid Management and International Grants is targeted for those interested in specializing in this professional sector.

The course will be taught by Interim Manager Consulting (IMC), specialists in international bid management and grants with more than 20 years of experience, innovative methodology and digital resources.

Course Characteristics 

The course will take place online and will be 7 weeks long. It is an intuitive, visually engaging, and accessible course—students will learn to manage projects that allow direct access to international bids and grants thanks to in addition to the sessions, hours of hands-on training and guided practice are included. We are also excited to offer an online training platform and a gamified app!


Among the main objectives of the course are the following:

  • To understand the procedures for accessing international bids.
  • To develop documentation for project management.
  • To recognize tools for heightening management and productivity.
  • Knowing a business segment that is a blue ocean of + 3 trillion euros.


Taking the Practical Training in International Grant and Bid Management will allow you to obtain an expert profile and visibility within the sector, as well broaden interpersonal and professional frameworks for exchanging knowledge and business. Moreover, the project distinguishes itself in its unique opportunity to access project processing and bid management collaboration networks (such as IMC’s professional network).”

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