A Solid Settlement

A Solid Settlement

This week has been very productive for us and the family. We have kept in close communication with them, telling us that they feel very welcome in Spain and that they are already getting used to life here. They are encouraged to take walks and visit nearby places, as well as even interact with Spaniards, as Anna and Sofía had told us, who had been able to start conversations with girls of their ages.

In addition, on this occasion on Monday, April 28, we have taken the opportunity to manage the transport card with the aim that they can move and move around Madrid freely, running all expenses at our expense.

One of the ladies who collaborates with us has been able to get two computers so that both Anna and Sofía can stay better connected with their surroundings, as well as continue studying both at the school where the small online route used to go before, and so that they can little little by little learn Spanish. We are very grateful because we believe that today having the necessary technological means is essential and essential.

On the other hand, between Tuesday and Wednesday we have accompanied Tania, the mother, to see the two jobs with which she already has the objective that next week, when she starts working, she can feel Safer. She is very excited and eager to rebuild her life as normally as possible.

And, finally, today, Friday, April 1, our entire Team has gathered in the new home that they have given us as a donation for 5 months with the aim of being able to guarantee maximum comfort for the Kishka family. Likewise, we have contracted an internet line to enable constant communication with your loved ones, something that we also consider essential..


Once again we would like to thank two families who have kindly offered to move both the family and all their belongings to their new home, as well as all those people who are helping us in this campaign, making it possible for this project to continue to flourish and facilitate the greatest possible integration of this family in our country.


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