Pro Bono – Pro Youth 2021

Pro Bono – Pro Youth 2021

Low activity rates, extremely high unemployment figures, precarious employment conditions and the situation with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic compromise the future of a generation that feels frustrated, condemned to social marginalization and handicapped for the full personal autonomy and a future outside of their families. In addition, the figures obtained from official statistics offer impressive results. It is known that the national youth unemployment rate is the first highest in the European Union, with 39.5% in January of this year 2021. On the other hand, according to the Active Population Survey of the National Institute of Statistics in the Community Autónoma de Madrid, the youth unemployment rate during the third quarter of 2021 is 27.76%. Likewise, it is relevant to note that about 30% of young Spanish university students cannot find a job four years after graduating, which can lead them to a situation of social exclusion, after all the work and effort made.

In this way and taking this situation into account, Helsinki Spain in collaboration with the Community of Madrid has once again launched the “Pro Bono – Pro Youth” Project, aimed at university youth between 18 and 35 years of age who is in a situation of unemployment or vulnerability and social exclusion to offer them job guidance and encourage social collaboration. Thanks to the personal interview, the employability training session, individualized mentoring and volunteering, the project has helped more than 1,000 young people.

Throughout the years of the project, although the objective of “Pro Bono – Pro Youth” is to improve the employability of young people, it also sets the challenge of getting each of the participants out of unemployment thanks to a network renewed contacts and new tools acquired after the training and orientation process received. Due to such work, the project was selected and awarded with an AEIF (Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund) grant from the United States Department of State as it was considered an innovative project within the area of ​​entrepreneurship and youth employment and counted, among its mentors and mentors, with fellows and former fellows from the Department of State. Throughout the past six editions, it has also received support from the Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Equality, the United States Embassy, ​​former alumni associations of the US Department of State, and the Eures Network.

This year, the training course will take place online on December 9, 2021, so from Helsinki Spain we encourage you to register through the following link:





Youth for Youth arrives to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

Youth for Youth arrives to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

On Monday, October 25, the canarian youth enrolled in Youth for Youth began the training course on Human Rights. This course will take place until Friday, October 22, in the Nexo building located on the Tafira campus, thanks to the collaboration of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). The president of Helsinki Spain, María Jaén, and the Vice-Chancellor for Students, Alumni and Employability of the ULPGC, David Sánchez, opened the course this Monday. (You can see the news at the ULPGC’s web)

Throughout the week, the students will be trained on human rights, sustainable development goals and other related subjects such as gender equality, mental and emotional health, environment protection, migration, refugees and asylum, the fight against bullying. and the responsible use of social networks. The course is given by experts in the different subjects, having the students the opportunity to recreate some of the dynamics that they will later put into practice in the schools.

It will be an intense but crucial week to train and transmit what you have learned to the little ones!







Getting started with “Youth for Youth”!

Getting started with “Youth for Youth”!

We are starting strong this course with our human rights education project in Madrid, the Canary Islands and Malaga. “Youth for Youth” is a project based on the education as a fundamental tool for mobilization and social transformation, which tries to raise awareness about social problems, promote debate and critical thinking among the youth and childhood. Helsinki Spain is launching this project with the support of the Community of Madrid and the Ministry of Health.


Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Train yourself with experts and civil society organizations in the defense of human rights and develop workshops through a participatory methodology in schools.


Training date:


Click on the poster and SIGN UP!


If you are interested, you can check more information in Youth to Youth.


Cartel de difusión Madrid Jóvenes para Jóvenes Helsinki España


Cartel de difusión Canarias Jóvenes para Jóvenes Helsinki España


Cartel de difusión Malaga jóvenes para jóvenes Helsinki España






Tools for the integration of gender equality in the classroom

Tools for the integration of gender equality in the classroom


Free awareness Webminar for Teaching Staff in which the following topics will be discussed:

  1. Explanation of the gender system and its repercussions on the staff and on the social structure.
  2. Effects the gender division system on the educational system.
  3. Once all the information has been presented, tools to promote a positive social change inside the classroom will be offered.


Providing the teaching staff with the necessary tools to identify inequalities in education, and to develo a non-sexist education that provides values of equality and helps to overcome discrimination ans social prejudice. Providing with the necessary resources to carry out egalitarian educational practivces in the classroom as well.

Our guest speaker will be Celia Garrido, who has previously collaborated with us in different formations with gender perspective. Celia is a consultant, trainer and expert on gender equality and violence.

  • She was part of the project to prevent sexist violence in education “not only punches hurt”.
  • She is also part of the teaching staff of the Master in Maltrato y violencia de género – UNED.
  • She designs and develops awarenes, reflection and training workshops for different public and private entities.


For the 2021 edition, due to the health situation we are facing nowadays, the webminar will be carried out through the ZOOM platform.

Dates: Wednesday the 14th and Thursday the 15h of April, 2021
Time: 4PM-8PM
Cost: FREE”







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