The international course on civil-military cooperation by the UN concludes for the second year in l’Alfàs

The international course on civil-military cooperation by the UN concludes for the second year in l’Alfàs

With the diploma presentation ceremony, the course on civil-military cooperation by OCHA, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, has come to an end for the second consecutive year in l’Alfàs del Pi. This event was organized by the Helsinki Spain association, the Ministry of Defense, and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

Over the course of a week, 24 individuals were trained in organizing civil-humanitarian coordination actions in emergency situations.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is the UN Secretariat’s arm responsible for mobilizing and coordinating the response of humanitarian actors to emergencies.

OCHA’s responsibilities after a disaster, at the request of the affected country, include assessing needs, forwarding requests for humanitarian aid funding to other agencies, organizing donor meetings and monitoring mechanisms, overseeing the status of contributions made in response to requests, and providing reports as events unfold.

From the l’Alfàs del Pi City Hall, the Councilor for Association Relations, Patrick de Meirsman, expressed gratitude to Helsinki Spain for hosting this course in the municipality for the second year, where experts in international humanitarian assistance in emergency situations are trained. De Meirsman attended the closing ceremony, held at a hotel in l’Alfàs del Pi, alongside María Jaén and Ángela Suárez, representatives of the Helsinki Spain association.





Healthcare Logistics Support Unit

Healthcare Logistics Support Unit

Helsinki Spain is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the open house event for the Healthcare Logistics Support Unit. During this event, which took place on October 10, the Helsinki Spain team had the opportunity to work with 90 young individuals passionate about medical care in critical situations.

The workshops offered during this open house provided an enriching insight into the essential skills and knowledge required for medical care in emergency situations. Throughout the day, four workshops were conducted, and their activities can be summarized as follows: learning bleeding control techniques to stop hemorrhages, gaining knowledge about medical containers, individual combat first-aid kits, combat medic backpacks, exploring medical evacuation platforms, and the use of defibrillators.

Furthermore, this knowledge is integrated into our HEAT program, which will provide you with the opportunity to deepen and expand your competencies in this field.




Conference on ‘Challenges and Threats to International Security: Building Critical Thinking from the University’

Conference on ‘Challenges and Threats to International Security: Building Critical Thinking from the University’

On Monday, October 9, the conference on ‘Challenges and Threats to International Security: Building Critical Thinking from the University’ was successfully held. The event took place at CESEDEN as part of the initiative by the Spanish Ministry of Defense aimed at promoting understanding and the culture of defense.

During the conference, we had the presence of Jose Luis Pontijas Calderón, Puerto González Diez, and Colonel Ignacio Castro Torres, who addressed crucial topics related to international security, the impact of misinformation, and the challenges inherent in hybrid warfare. Their participation provided a valuable platform for the development of critical thinking and reflection among university students.

The event attracted more than 100 university students from the Community of Madrid, who showed a high level of commitment and interest in the topics presented. After the presentations, an extensive debate took place in which participants had the opportunity to share their perspectives and opinions on the challenges and threats to international security.



Workshop on self-protection and defense against sexual violence

Workshop on self-protection and defense against sexual violence

We are aware that security and integrity are matters of high priority, which is why we want to invite you to a self-protection and defense against sexual violence class intended for youth from 13 to 35 years old.

It will be held on Saturday December 17th from 15:30h to 19:30h at Plaza del Conde del Valle de Súchil, 10, 28015, Madrid, and it has a cost of 30 euros per person.

Theoretical as well as practical topics will be covered. The theoretical content will cover types of violence, how to ask for help and important legislations. In the practical section of the workshop, intervention tactics will be taught for different types of aggression, as well as persuasion through verbal tactics.


There are only 20 available places, reserve your spot by writing an email:

Enrollment is open, sign up today!




Course on Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution

Course on Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution


Numerous scholars have highlighted that the actions of mothers and fathers have a direct influence on their sons and daughters and vice versa, finding in most cases a lack of communication and understanding between the former and the latter, something that affects the emotional intelligence of both. That is why Helsinki Spain opens a new call for mothers and fathers dealing with the following topics:

• Emotional intelligence and how it can be integrated from home education.

• Why now and what are the challenges of the 21st century in terms of emotional intelligence.

• Pillars of education throughout life.

• Forms of expression as models for their learning in communication.

• Strategies and ways to educate in self-control and conflict resolution from a respectful education.


Identify daily actions, language and routines used that motivate the distance between family members.

  • Learn to resolve conflicts to avoid instability in the family nucleus.
  • Provide fathers and mothers with the necessary knowledge to face difficult situations in order to achieve harmony in the family where the conflict unites all the members of the home.

On this occasion, we will have a presentation by Raquel Martínez González, a health psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in developing and training family members and teaching staff about adolescents at risk.

  • The orientation of her work is cognitive-behavioral, having complemented this training with a specialization in positive psychology and psychosomatic medicine.
  • In recent years she has dedicated herself in depth to the training and development of Emotional Intelligence both in the classroom and at home

Data of interest:

  • The session will be held online on the ZOOM platform.
  • Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Date: November 19, 2022.
  • Free training with the support of the Ayuntamiento de Madrid


Sign up here:






A Europe for the Youth

A Europe for the Youth

The program “A Europe for the Youth”,  sponsored by the Community of Madrid, seeks to raise awareness among university students about the importance of Human Rights in the European Union. Throughout its course a number of youth-focused European programs will be presented, and participants will have the chance to analyze the most significant challenges facing the Union. This initiative is designed for people interested in European affairs, who wish to learn alongside experts and professionals, and share their point of view.

If you would like to better understand  the functioning of the European Union, and the role and treatment of Human Rights within it, this is your opportunity. Through this program, you will acquire an enriched perspective about the important role of young people in the European theater.

What is the program about? With a total duration of 6 hours – 4h of conferences, followed by 1h on European programs and another dedicated to a final debate – its goal is to allow participants to better understand the current geopolitical situation in the EU, with a  focus on the social risks and challenges posed by the (post-)COVID-19 reality. Moreover, the debate will allow students to interact in groups and freely express their opinion on the topics under discussion, and thus gain a better understanding of the contents presented to them.

The event will take place on Wednesday, 16 of February 2022, from 08:30 till 14:30 in the Escuela de Organización Industrial (Av. de Gregorio del Amo, 6, 28040 Madrid).


Sign up here: ✍️





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