New edition of REACT program on conflict management in l’Alfas

New edition of REACT program on conflict management in l’Alfas

The Environmental Education Center (CEA) Carabineros de l’Alfàs del Pi will host from May 27 to June 22 the twenty-eighth edition of REACT, a five-week training program on peace processes and conflict prevention, organized by the association Helsinki Spain.

he mayor of l’Alfàs del Pi, Vicente Arques, has received at City Hall the president of Helsinki Spain, María Jaén Barandiarán, to learn the details of this training program for the fourth consecutive year will be held in l’Alfàs del Pi. A meeting which was also attended by the councilors of Cooperation and Volunteering, Isabel Muñoz, and International Residents, Martine Mertens, and the mayor of Culture, Manuel Casado.

This program trains professionals from different fields interested in improving their knowledge in conflict prevention, crisis and post-conflict management, rehabilitation and development, as well as their practical skills for field work in international peace operations.

The program uses a variety of methodologies, including presentations and lectures, discussions, group work, practical and advanced role-playing sessions, outdoor activities and simulation exercises.




REACT was created in 2003 with the objective of preparing professionals with diverse professional backgrounds interested in joining the Rapid Expert Assistance and Co-operation Teams (REACT) of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). During this time, more than 500 people have been trained.

The course content has been expanded to include all aspects related to conflict prevention and peacekeeping in the different contexts in which peace operations take place.

The program is divided into five modules: ‘Conflict Analysis’, ‘Protection of Civilians’, ‘Challenges in Peacekeeping’, ‘Human Security and Complex Crimes’ and ‘HEAT’, which includes simulations to learn how to deal with associated risks and other critical or emergency situations during mission deployment. As in the three previous editions, the first four modules will be held in l’Alfàs del Pi.

Created in 1992, Helsinki Spain is a leading organization in the field of peace education, human rights and development, both nationally and internationally, thanks to the quality and diversification of its educational and training programs capable of adapting to a dynamic society in continuous change.



Helsinki España and Interim Manager Consulting present the first training course in international bidding

Helsinki España and Interim Manager Consulting present the first training course in international bidding

A course introducing you to a business sector worth over 3 billion euros.

[Madrid, April 25th, 2024] Helsinki España, in collaboration with Interim Manager Consulting, is proud to announce the opening of their first training course in bidding and international grants. This innovative program is designed to grant professionals the necessary abilities to access an ocean of opportunity — a noncompetitive business sector worth over 3 billion euros.

Course price 495€. Take advantage of the special promotion for April 2024! Only 420€ per student and 100% subsidized by FUNDAE. Starts April 25, 2024.


Bids and international grants, originating from organizations such as the U.N. and the European Union, offer an extraordinary opportunity to globalize. However, a significant part of such funds remains underutilized due to a lack of quality projects.

This course not only trains participants to manage such projects, but also provides the opportunity to access a network of professionals within Interim Manager Consulting. This network will provide bids and grants to course graduates so that they can successfully manage their own projects.

The course focus is highly practical and is 100% online. Participants will enjoy a 7-week, interactive experience that includes consultations and surveys, as well as an artificially intelligent training platform and an exclusive WhatsApp channel for nonstop support.

The course professors are Ángela Suárez, Froilán Herrero and Guillermo Taboada, three professionals with extensive experience in the field of international bidding.

According to Guillermo Taboada, CEO of Interim Manager Consulting and course professor: “The course not only trains professionals to help organizations and globalize themselves, but also contributes to an effective distribution of public funds.”

This course represents a unique opportunity for candidates seeking to expand their professional horizons and participate in high-impact international projects. To learn more information and register for the course, visit our website.

Helsinki España is a leading organization in peace-building education, human rights, and human development. Thanks to their quality, diversification, and capacity to adapt to a society in continuous change, its educational and professional programs maintain national and international prestige. Its principle mission is to work for the respect and protection of human rights through education at the university level.

Interim Manager Consulting was founded in 2014 with the vision of bringing digital, sustainable, democratic, accessible, and amicable solutions to improve decision-making in organizations. It is a strategic management consulting, business development, interim management, technology and internationalization company that manages international bidding, awards, and grants. With 25+ years of experience in business management, 50+ professionals in its network, 100+ completed projects, awards for innovation, business ecosystems, and digitally immersive tools. It maintains a network of alliances and connections that continually attracts business and talent.




The international course on civil-military cooperation by the UN concludes for the second year in l’Alfàs

The international course on civil-military cooperation by the UN concludes for the second year in l’Alfàs

With the diploma presentation ceremony, the course on civil-military cooperation by OCHA, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, has come to an end for the second consecutive year in l’Alfàs del Pi. This event was organized by the Helsinki Spain association, the Ministry of Defense, and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

Over the course of a week, 24 individuals were trained in organizing civil-humanitarian coordination actions in emergency situations.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is the UN Secretariat’s arm responsible for mobilizing and coordinating the response of humanitarian actors to emergencies.

OCHA’s responsibilities after a disaster, at the request of the affected country, include assessing needs, forwarding requests for humanitarian aid funding to other agencies, organizing donor meetings and monitoring mechanisms, overseeing the status of contributions made in response to requests, and providing reports as events unfold.

From the l’Alfàs del Pi City Hall, the Councilor for Association Relations, Patrick de Meirsman, expressed gratitude to Helsinki Spain for hosting this course in the municipality for the second year, where experts in international humanitarian assistance in emergency situations are trained. De Meirsman attended the closing ceremony, held at a hotel in l’Alfàs del Pi, alongside María Jaén and Ángela Suárez, representatives of the Helsinki Spain association.





Healthcare Logistics Support Unit

Healthcare Logistics Support Unit

Helsinki Spain is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the open house event for the Healthcare Logistics Support Unit. During this event, which took place on October 10, the Helsinki Spain team had the opportunity to work with 90 young individuals passionate about medical care in critical situations.

The workshops offered during this open house provided an enriching insight into the essential skills and knowledge required for medical care in emergency situations. Throughout the day, four workshops were conducted, and their activities can be summarized as follows: learning bleeding control techniques to stop hemorrhages, gaining knowledge about medical containers, individual combat first-aid kits, combat medic backpacks, exploring medical evacuation platforms, and the use of defibrillators.

Furthermore, this knowledge is integrated into our HEAT program, which will provide you with the opportunity to deepen and expand your competencies in this field.




Conference on ‘Challenges and Threats to International Security: Building Critical Thinking from the University’

Conference on ‘Challenges and Threats to International Security: Building Critical Thinking from the University’

On Monday, October 9, the conference on ‘Challenges and Threats to International Security: Building Critical Thinking from the University’ was successfully held. The event took place at CESEDEN as part of the initiative by the Spanish Ministry of Defense aimed at promoting understanding and the culture of defense.

During the conference, we had the presence of Jose Luis Pontijas Calderón, Puerto González Diez, and Colonel Ignacio Castro Torres, who addressed crucial topics related to international security, the impact of misinformation, and the challenges inherent in hybrid warfare. Their participation provided a valuable platform for the development of critical thinking and reflection among university students.

The event attracted more than 100 university students from the Community of Madrid, who showed a high level of commitment and interest in the topics presented. After the presentations, an extensive debate took place in which participants had the opportunity to share their perspectives and opinions on the challenges and threats to international security.



Workshop on self-protection and defense against sexual violence

Workshop on self-protection and defense against sexual violence

We are aware that security and integrity are matters of high priority, which is why we want to invite you to a self-protection and defense against sexual violence class intended for youth from 13 to 35 years old.

It will be held on Saturday December 17th from 15:30h to 19:30h at Plaza del Conde del Valle de Súchil, 10, 28015, Madrid, and it has a cost of 30 euros per person.

Theoretical as well as practical topics will be covered. The theoretical content will cover types of violence, how to ask for help and important legislations. In the practical section of the workshop, intervention tactics will be taught for different types of aggression, as well as persuasion through verbal tactics.


There are only 20 available places, reserve your spot by writing an email:

Enrollment is open, sign up today!




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