Youth for Youth arrives to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

Youth for Youth arrives to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

On Monday, October 25, the canarian youth enrolled in Youth for Youth began the training course on Human Rights. This course will take place until Friday, October 22, in the Nexo building located on the Tafira campus, thanks to the collaboration of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). The president of Helsinki Spain, María Jaén, and the Vice-Chancellor for Students, Alumni and Employability of the ULPGC, David Sánchez, opened the course this Monday. (You can see the news at the ULPGC’s web)

Throughout the week, the students will be trained on human rights, sustainable development goals and other related subjects such as gender equality, mental and emotional health, environment protection, migration, refugees and asylum, the fight against bullying. and the responsible use of social networks. The course is given by experts in the different subjects, having the students the opportunity to recreate some of the dynamics that they will later put into practice in the schools.

It will be an intense but crucial week to train and transmit what you have learned to the little ones!







REACT’s courses and ‘Challenges in 2030 Agenda” in l’Alfàs del Pi

REACT’s courses and ‘Challenges in 2030 Agenda” in l’Alfàs del Pi

The first days of ‘Challenges in 2030’ of l’Alfàs del Pi have started. These courses have been organized by the Councils of Cooperation and Volunteering, Equality and Residents of Other Nationalities, in collaboration with the Fons Valendià per la Solidaritat and Helsinki España.

These lectures are focused in analizing the loss of human dignity throughout armed conflicts. And also, they have started last Friday in the ‘Casa de la Cultura” with the lecture “Organized Crime and terrorism in XXI Century” led by Edgardo Buscaglia, a recognized expert in Law and Economics.


Edgardo Buscaglia entrada Jornadas de REACT Helsinki España


Within the framework of his academic work about the integration of organized crime in legal economy, Edgardo supports civil society organizations during the fight and prevention of this social phenomenon.



The Councils of Cooperation and Volunteering, Isabel Muñoz; Equality, Rocío Guijarro and Residents from Other Nationalities, Martine Mertens, were attendees to the opening event of these conferences which will continue on this Wednesday 16th June from 10 to 12:30pm in “Casa de la Cultura” with the session “The woman and the girl in armed conflicts”.

This session includes the projected documentary ‘Els fils del tauler’ by Josep Gayà, a project in which the Fons Valencià per la Solidaritat y Col·lectiu Mirades are collaborating. The film won the award for Best Documentary in the category of half-length film in the International Film Festival for the No Violence, where 815 projects were summoned from 59 countries.

‘Els fils del tauler’ is a research documentary about the weapons industry, refugees and villages fighting for peace. It has been aired in around 50 countries by international television during a high-ranking schedule and has participated in almost 20 international film festivals.

After visualizing the documentary, a round table will be held where the speakers will be Josep Gayà, the colombian activist and refugee Claudia García Giraldo; the sarahui activist and refugee Lemadla Kori; the journalist and photographer Amador Guallar and Natxo Peñarocha, technician in Education for the Global Development and Citizenship of Fons Valendià per la Solidaritat.

These conferences will be coming to an end on Tuesday 22nd June at 18h with the lecture “Experiences in peace missions with a gender perspective”, led by Daniella M. Marelli who currently works in the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as a Protection Delegate offering humanitarian aid to people affected by conflicts and armed violence.

The Town Hall of l’Alfàs del Pi has established the main goal to make visible and approach the Sustainable Development Goals from the 2030 Agenda. These conferences, international in nature, want to motivate a reflection towards armed conflicts, arms industry and international terrorism as well as getting to know first-hand living experiences from women and peace activists who are also advocating for Human Rights. All this from professionals from national and international organizations such as the United Nations, European Union and the ICRC.

It is mostly about conferences intended for open public. The only requirement is willing to know what happens in other countries around the globe.

In order for these conferences to be held in l’Alfàs, the Councils for Cooperation and Volunteering, Residents and Equality have worked in a coordinated way with the Fons Valencià per la Solidaritat and the Helsinki España association, demonstrating once again the degree of commitment of the consistory alfasino with the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda, keeping them very present in each of the activities that are organized in the municipality.



Youth to Youth Galicia

Youth to Youth Galicia

We hereby present you Kamal Aldalati, student of medicine at the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.

He will be with us in the next human rights training session for our project Youth toYouth in Galicia to share with us his testimony and give us a wide perspective and approach to the reality migrants live.

Kamal is a syrian refugee, he used to work as an anesthetist in a hospital until he had to run away from his country because he was at risk of death. His testimony will help young college students who will volunteer with us, to fully comprehend the dimensions of the migratory phenomenon and the right to asylum. Additionally, they will learn key tools to sensibilize about this topic to children in schools.


We still have places available for you to participate in our project!


Sign up:



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