International Terrorism

Curso de Terrorismo Internacional - Helsinki España 23-24

In a globalized and constantly changing world, threats such as terrorism are increasingly affecting national and international security. Therefore, continuous and specialized training is necessary to face this type of adversity.

This course is aimed primarily at professionals whose background is related to the judicial system and the law enforcement environment (judges, lawyers, economists, police officers, etc.), university professors, military personnel, as well as members of international organizations, companies and NGOs.

“Human security” (understood as the full exercise of the 58 human rights enshrined in 16 United Nations Conventions, in their civil, political, cultural, social, and economic dimensions) is the guiding theme that articulates the topics to be followed in this course.

Among other topics, the course addresses the diagnosis of the problems of human insecurity and the public policy responses of various bodies and states to these realities. It also discusses various future scenarios for countries in chronic insecurity crises.

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