With the aim of giving the initiative greater visibility, we have taken the opportunity to mobilize the campaign on our social networks by creating a dissemination brochure that included not only our bank account number for monetary donations, but also a QR code so that Anyone who would like to collaborate could join our WhatsApp group, which has been specially created with the aim of covering other needs that the family may present, coordinating the demand with its participants.

In this context, Helsinki Spain, being transparent at all times, has reported through the WhatsApp group that the family needed certain hygiene products, as well as clothing, so anyone who could collaborate did so through monetary donations, raising €455, clothing donations and a big purchase in a store, hitting everything! When the family arrived at our office on Friday, March 18, to then go shopping, we focused on their needs, insisting that they be honest and comfortable with expressing what they needed, without experiencing any rush.

Being operational, we have made an appointment on March 28 at a transport office with the aim of providing the family with total mobility around Madrid and, likewise, we have requested an appointment on April 4 to process the registration of the four. In this way, the next step would be to apply for medical cards at a community health center.

On the other hand, and following the desire of Tatiana, the mother, to work, we have found some jobs for her as cleaning staff. We have spoken with the people who facilitate them for the week of March 28 to April 1 to go with the mother to show her where the houses where she is going to work are and help her the first day with the language so that the next time feel more secure.



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