We present the Kishka family, they come from Chervonograd, a region in western Ukraine, and they are Larisa (the grandmother), Tatiana (the mother) and Anna and Sofia (their daughters). They were forced to flee the country considering that the Russian offensive in the region was increasing and it was not safe to continue there. Tatiana’s husband is a military man, so he has been forced to stay, the separation being very hard

They arrived in Madrid on the night of Saturday, February 26, and received support from a well-known family living here, but considering that they could not support them, they came to us.

The next day we met them at the home that a lady gave us, where they were going to reside for a first period of time. We were aware that the situation made it impossible to have many belongings, so we mobilized our extensive network of contacts who acted in solidarity to donate clothing, food and essential products.

Thanks to the fact that Virginia, a lawyer from the Madrid Bar Association, came into contact with us, we were able to process the documentation at the center set up in Pozuelo for this on Tuesday, March 15. They were exhausting hours, especially for the family, because neither Virginia nor the staff of our Association who know Ukrainian let us pass with them. However, finally the wait was worth it because we left the place happy to have obtained the International Protection agreed by the Government of Spain.

In addition, prior to this, on Monday, March 14, we held a meeting with all our Team together with the family, Virginia and Luis, a Russian-speaking man who has shown his desire to help in relation to the family’s integration into Spanish society. In this meeting they talked about the future plans of the family and how they saw their residence in Spain. While the mother told us that she would like to start a new life here and find a job, 14-year-old Anna agreed that it would be difficult for her to join a public center in Madrid in order to maintain her schooling; however, little by little she has become more open to it, and Sofía, 18, confessed that she is awaiting the announcements from the university where she studies Physical Education in order to resume her studies online.


We thank all those people who are making this possible because only thanks to them can we help this family.


We will inform you shortly of how the processing of the transport card, registration, health card, schooling, search for permanent accommodation, as well as job search for Tatiana continues.



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