The crisis in Ukraine that arose as a result of the Russian invasion has caused a wave of refugees to countries such as Poland or Romania, which together have come together to give shelter to families who have been forced to leave their homes, some hoping to return and being able to continue with his life and others, with a lump in his throat trying to look ahead and not look back, assimilating that he will not be able to resume his life soon.

That is why Helsinki Spain has decided to launch the “Embrace a ukrainian family” initiative thanks to which the Association undertakes to give shelter to a Ukrainian family that has been forced to leave their country because of the cruel latent war in it through the following proposal:

  • Pay for a rental home in the city of Madrid and supply with what is necessary to be able to live in the country, thus covering the essential needs of the family.
  • In addition, it is expected that by having these with children, a schooling plan will be launched so that they can not only obtain a decent and quality education, but also learn the Spanish language that can facilitate their integration within of Spanish society.
  • Facilitate all legal and juridical procedures for the family so that their stay in Spain is legal and they can have access to all public services free of charge and without interruption..

Helsinki España thanks to its wide network of contacts, wants to raise funds to be able to guarantee this family a reception of two years of residence in Spain. This initiative seeks that anyone who can contribute their help, by making a monetary amount to the organization, to create a bank account exclusively reserved for this campaign, in order to make it possible. The Association considers that each one will be free to contribute the amount they wish, being able to do so monthly over the two years covered within this campaign or donate a total amount directly.

It is important to note that for this initiative to be possible, the Team of the Helsinki Spain organization has a person born in Ukraine who speaks the language and who can support the family, facilitating communication with the other members of the Association.

In order for the family to feel safe, the rental contract will be in the name of the Helsinki Spain organization, which will make its actions public every month via its website. In this way, its transparency before the community will be guaranteed.

Thanks to the entire Team, the great network of contacts of Helsinki Spain both nationally and internationally, and the cooperation of the community, the Association seeks to contribute its grain of sand and show solidarity with Ukraine and its population.

Soon we will enable a tab on our website to inform you about the evolution of the project.

If you are interested in participating, but have questions about how to do it, contact us via email at r by calling us at 915335455 or 629544873.



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