REACT has the objective to give participants the knowledge and the necessary skills to be able to comprehend and analyse the principal threats to peace, international security, the contexts in where armed conflicts emerged, the key actors that intervene in those and the impact that the conflict has on civilians.

To achieve these objectives, the course has a dedicated group of professors. Experts on different areas, as well as workers on the field. Moreover, the course is formed by students from different nationalities, which enriches the experience even more.

REACT is the only training of this kind that takes place in Spain and so far, it has trained more than 450 students throughout these last editions.


The new REACT edition is open for applications. The course will take place from the 31st of May to the 2nd ofJ uly, it will consist of five weeks of intense training, including a module of simulation in hostile environments.


More info about the REACT programe



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