“Teenager’s mental health seminar for parents and teachers for the children who participate” is a seminar financed by Ayuntamiento de Madrid whose objective is for both parents and teachers to have the opportunity to understand the psychology behind the teenagers in their lives’ attitudes.

This seminar will be imparted by Raquel González Martínez, a clinic therapist as well as an expert teacher in emotion management in and outside the classroom.

The seminar will be via Zoom.

If you are interested in mental health throughout different teenage stages and the most common problems in that age; conflict and emotion management in and outside the classroom; or the opportunity to achieve the psychological tools needed to treat children in their las stage of school all throughout high school, you cannot miss this seminar.

The seminar will take place Monday 2nd October and Wednesday 4th October from 16:00h until 20:00h through zoom. It lasts approximately 8 hours, and it will take place in two sessions, 4h each. In these sessions, the therapist will be going through the different topics and the assistants will have the possibility to ask their doubts, therefore being a very interactive seminar.




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