Today, December 10, is International Human Rights Day, and coinciding with this date from Helsinki Spain we have decided to celebrate the closing of our Project “Youth for Youth” at the School of Industrial Organization, in Madrid.

For this, we have had the presence of some of our volunteers, expert speakers and experts who have made the project training course possible, and the staff of Helsinki Spain. Thus, we have accompanied and applauded the magnificent volunteer work of the young people during the project.

The ceremony began with a few words from María Jaén Barandiarán, President of the organization, and then continued with a brief presentation by the Project Coordinator, Yaryna Vovk, about other active initiatives by the Association with the aim of making them known. After this, we have heard words from Carmen Jordá, speaker Doctor in Public Law, specialized in society, technology and security; Professor at the Camilo José Cela University and head of Prosegur’s Intelligence and Prospective Office. In addition, Marina de Orbe Antón – Pacheco, Director of Education and Volunteering, has read the letter of support for “Jóvenes para Jóvenes” from the Santa Beatriz de Silva center in Madrid and a video with photos and videos of the training and the sessions of this edition and that the volunteers had sent during these past weeks. The closing has continued with the testimony of Victory Collins and Dylan Andrés García, two of the participants in this edition.

Before concluding, we have resolved our “Tik Tok for Human Rights” contest, which was launched about a month ago, giving the prizes to the three winning couples. And, finally, we have delivered the diplomas of participation in the program.

We want to thank all the participants very much for putting their time and effort in “Youth for Youth” that we are fortunate to be able to celebrate year after year thanks to them.

See you in the next call!




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